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tree care can include hugs!
At Perfect Ascent Tree Care, we love trees.  Really.  We want to do everything we can to have as many of these beauties in Carson City and the surrounding areas of Nevada – as we possibly can.  So, we always look for the best way for the customer, the community, the environment, and the tree – to all get proper care in everything we do.

So hugging trees can happen.  Hugging clients is optional and completely at the discretion of the client.

Perfect Ascent Tree Care Services Company is a fully licensed and insured company that has the experience and equipment to handle all your tree care needs. We serve the many communities along the front range and work year-round in the tree service industry. Perfect Ascent Tree Services specializes in general tree care for residential, commercial and municipal customers. We also can provide emergency storm services as needed.

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Tree Care, Tree Trimming, and Pruning

Our experienced cutters and crew trim trees for residential, commercial and municipal properties. We have all the tools to complete jobs professionally. We climb trees using a rope and saddle or use an aerial truck when necessary. All debris is neatly chipped on site with a large capacity chipper and hauled away.  Our crews take great pride in the cleanup job by raking and air blowing thoroughly.  A typical trim removes branches that are unexposed to sunlight, branches that cross and rub against each other, and branches that do not conform to the general shape of the tree. Branches that are close to power lines or phone lines and branches that rub against roof tops are removed to prevent property damage and possible injuries. Dead, diseased and broken branches are removed to improve the health and beauty of the tree. Tree trimming is often a preventative solution to more costly problems in the future. 

View Trimming

We live in an area with great natural beauty but tree growth can obstruct desired views of the lakes and mountains. Restored view trimming can increase the value of property and still maintain the integrity of trees. Selective trimming, feathering and crown reduction methods are all utilized. Give us a call for a free tree care consultation.

Large and Dangerous Tree Removal

We remove all sizes and quantities of trees using methods similar to trimming trees. We perform in either front or back yards with our aerial trucks or by climbing with rope and saddle. Our experienced tree cutters and climbers can rope tree branches and logs away from any obstacle under a tree. Our professionals are among the best in close quarter tree removal. We chip all the brush and haul all the wood away. All product is 100% recycled. Cleanup is accomplished by raking and air blowing thoroughly.

Shrub & Hedge Trimming and Removal

Bushes and shrubs are often added to the landscapes of our homes without full awareness of their mature size. With the proper care and appropriate shaping these types of plants can be the ultimate accessory for your home. Let our professionals perform the trimming, and when it is necessary we can help with removal.

Stump Grinding

Humps of stumps and tree roots can easily be ground down to flat planting areas. Front yards or back yards—we have grinders to fit the need. We have equipment that can be used to grind deep and wide. We have narrow access grinders that can fit through a gate for hard to reach stumps.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling is performed as a preventative safety measure. Trees that are damaged or that have the potential for causing damage by splitting or falling are often cabled to help reduce the risk of further damage. Cabling can also be used to help stabilize a multi-trunked tree.

Hauling Service

We not only haul away all the material that comes down from doing tree services,  but we can also clean up other materials you have around your home or business while we are there as well. We recycle everything that we can to minimize our effect on the environment. This just another service we offer to try and go the extra mile for our customers.

Free Wood chips

Perfect Ascent Tree Care Service is offering free wood chips to anyone interested. No hidden costs, no catch. Heck, you don’t even have to be a customer! Wood chips are awesome for many different purposes including landscaping around your home, flower gardens, areas where you would like to keep weeds to a minimum.

These wood chips are a byproduct of our daily tree removals and we hate to see them go to waste.  So, if you’re on our list, we will call you up when we have a load that fits your needs.  We typically have close to 20 yards of wood chips in a load – so if we’re in your area – we’ll call you up.  Just make sure that we can get our truck into the spot that you want us to dump them.

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